Sunday, March 25, 2007

Unluckely my time is still limited due to my worksituation, but I managed to do some stitching this weekend.It is a pity that the lessons from Sharon have ended.
I enjoyed this lessons very much and learned a lot, so if you have the chance to take this lessons, I can highly recommend them. This week I have added several beads to the buttontrail, still doubt if it is not to strong now and embroidered the wagonwheels above the lace in the middle. Also made the spider and dragonfly, but still have a lot of work to do! This afternoon I had a nice phonecall from Ati in Norway and promised to show some pictures today, well here they are Ati, it was great talking to you!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week 4 and 5
These weeks I didn't have much time to work on my CQ block. I added the spider's web, took of the lace in the top left and replaced it with another one and added SRE flowers to the circle seam treatment left. I also added some flowers to the creme silk. Found these lovely heart shaped mother of pearl buttons some time ago. Also added
a buttontrail beyond the block. In yesterdays mail I received some tatted items from my friend Maureen from Australia and I immediately added the pink butterfly to my block, doesn't it look great on it?


This week I received some lovely 3 inch squares that I swapped on CQForNewbies.

The 2 above are made by Christy, USA, nr. 2 and 3 by Jo in New Zealand, nr. 5 by Janet, USA, nr. 6 by Peggy, USA and nr. 7 by our listmom Lesa, aren't they beautiful? Thank you very much for swapping ladies!

Sorry for being so late with updating, but I just started in a new job and this takes all my attention at this moment.

I also received some wonderful Crazy Hearts this weeks, will see if I can blog them later this week!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Week 3
This week I have tried to learn the bullion stitch. Sharon explained it very well in her lessons and I manage to make some petals now but still I get no good result on the roses, that's why I don't used them in the flower spray I made around the "silk lady". I think I just don't have the right needles and have to order some Milliners.

Here you can see what I have done this week. I have sewn a lilac cord around the silk lady and added a flower spray, sewn some bugle beads to the right seam to make it stronger and am still busy doing some embroidery to the short seams.
Still don't know what to do with the seam between the creme and green silk left of the silk lady that ends in an angle...