Sunday, November 22, 2015

Steampunk part 2

It's been a long time since I have been blogging I am sorry, but life is getting in the way all the time.....

Here are the last blocks I promised to show you from the Steampunk Round Robin on CQI.

The first block is the one that Colleen embellished:

And here a close-up:

And this is the last block that Lonna embellished:

                        And a close-up, I love the little steampunk spider!

Once again I like to thank Lisa, Colleen, Elizabeth and Lonna for their lovely work!
Now I have to think about on how to sew the blocks together, will I stick with these four or will I embellish the other 2 blocks and make it six?
Also I am working on the last blocks for the CQJP, I am almost finished with the October block, so 2 more blocks to finish after that! Will blog about it when this block is finished and show you the last three I made.

Right now I am making CQ fabric postcards for the swap on CQI, here is a picture of the first one with a "Winter" theme that I just finished: