Sunday, August 28, 2011

My first try on Zentangles....During my vacation the last week I tried to do some zentangles, when in the USA in April I bought this little book about it at Barnes&Nobles. I really liked doing these.This is the second one I made, I think the first one was better. Think the Paisley shape in it doesn't work very well. Must say that making these little drawings is very relaxing.... On the third one I tried to add some color, have decided that I definately don't like them with color.This is the last one I made for now, I like this one, especially the dark beads.These zentangles are lovely to make when you have the time for it! Just give it a try if you can, it is really fun making them!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The last days of summer......
The summer here in the Netherlands is one of the wettest ever, also the temperatures haven't been great either! The last months we couldn't go on vacation because of the illness of my MIL, now she is in a nursery home and we could leave for some time. We decided to stay in Holland (in case something would change in MIL's situation) and went to Kijkduin, close to the Hague on the coast. Well, we had some sun every day, but more rain..... We walked on the beach and in the dunes, the flora is very beautiful over there, here some pictures:This ladybug,"lieveheersbeestje" in Dutch, was enjoying the sun also!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

This week I received a present from Cathy, in return for some Austrian fabrics I have sent her. She made me some sheets with vintage Americana and Halloween prints, now my hands are itching to start something new! Thanks so much Cathy! Yesterday my MIL got a place in a nursing home, she will stay there for revalidation until she can go home again.
Since last weekend I am working on a 12"quiltblock that I started in 2007 (!!!) during Sharon Boggon's Encrusted Crazy Quilting Class. At that moment I thought it was finished, but now I am really "encrusting" it, will show you some pictures later this week when I feel that I am at last really finished, well, is a CQ ever finished?????? Last weekend I did a great buy, this little silver birdie pincushion, ain't it cute? Also found some pieces of vintage lace.From my mother I got some dahlia bulbs in Spring, the package said "red flowering dahlia". To our suprise the first flower was a white one with a few red petals, the next one was a red one with some white petals.....LOL The weather over here is still bad, rain almost every day and the temperatures still below normal for summer. I would love to see some sun!