Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work In Progress....

Today I want to show you my work on an Under The Sea
(in short UTS) block for a Round Robin on Crazy Quilting International. 
Beth and Kathy from the USA, Stefanie from the UK and Dana from New Zealand have joined me in this RR. 
I have to embellish a quarter block for the 15th of each month. 
This is the first block I received from Kathy. 

I decided to start on the right part below, first did some stitching to the seams. 
After that I added the silk ribbon and the branch on the right, stitched in a variegated perle cotton, both are handpainted by my friend Lorraine of Colour Complements.
Than I couched the yarn over the silk ribbon and made the orange feather stitched coral, also added some shiny short bugle beeds.

I painted the little piece of lace on the left to color coordinate with the branch.  
Than I made the whipped wheel to form a starfish and added the lace on the right, thought it looked a bit like a sea cucumber....................
   At last I added the little orange fishes, charms and beads.
                         I hope Kathy will like the result!