Thursday, July 28, 2011

PLUTOI promised you a picture of the hound I finished painting this week. Yesterday I showed the painting to the owners of Pluto and they are very happy with it. Now they asked me to paint a former dog of them, Tommy.

A tip: Have a look here to see my friend Cathy's tutorial on making flowers from zippers, a great addition to your CQ block!
A close up of my Egyptian block

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LOST QUILTS After a quiltmarket in Salt Lake City Allison Aller's beautiful "Crazy in the garden"quilt that is on the frontcover of her book and 3 other ones are missing. Go to to see pictures of all missing quilts. I sure hope they will be found soon! Yesterday I have been finishing some CQ postcards to sent to friends. I try to do some stitching every evening after work to find some relaxation. MIL is still in hospital and waiting for a place in a nursery home to recover.

Here in Holland the weather is terrible already for the whole month of July, it is supposed to be summer but we have rain almost the whole day and cold temperatures around 15 o C......
Today I have been painting all day, I have a commission to paint a hound called Pluto. The painting is almost finished, I will show pictures of it later this week.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Egyptian block finished !? Last april I showed you this CQ block I made to embellish during Sharon B's lesson at the Adventure in Crazy Quilting in CT. Maybe you know that I love to make themed CQ blocks and because of the riots in Eqypt I picked this theme. My DH and I have always been very interested in the Eqyptian culture and history and I love the colors of Eqypt, the rich gold and turquoise that I combined with dark brown and terra colors. During Sharon´s lesson I added this to the block.The last weeks I have been working on it now and then and at a moment I thought I had finally finished it. After seeing the picture I made of it, I decided I had to add something to give it a more Egyptian look and decided to add an `all seeing eye´..... It looks a bit more Egyptian now, don´t you think so? I don't know what to add more, if you have an idea please let me know!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Luckely it seems to get a little better with my mother-in-law, let's hope it stays this way. Going to hospital if possible twice a day and working fulltime does not leave much time to do anything else, all I did this week were some little stitcheries in the evening for a new Crazy Quilt I started.
It are images from a book I bought in the USA: Motifs for Crazy Quilting by J.Marscha Miller.Also I don't paint as much as I want to, I only finished this little oilpainting these last months. It got a place in my kitchen.
Recently I am working on 2 big paintings, one in oil, one in acrylics but in one way or another I don't get them like I want it, I think things in my life have to slow down a bit again to find the rest to finish them....