Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another week has gone,oh boy, time flies......... It feels like I have only been driving to hospital and other medical appointments for DH and haven't done anothing else. We still can't see the results from the operation,that will take much more time and a lot of practice, but I must say he has a beautiful scar, a flash like Harry Potter! Luckely I can sew in the evening, I managed to finish hearts for Beverly Ann in Kentucky (with fan) and Maureen in Australia(Christmas), ladies they will go in the mail tomorrow.
I have almost finished several Christmas hearts and did some more stitching to the Victorian block. I found out that I seem to like to embroider trees......and Susan, I will add a butterfly also!


Virgi said...


The heart with the tree is so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Ati said...

This will be very nice Wilma, a bit unusual for you ? An butterfly will be fine, maybe an old image too? Your stitching is nice as always.

Susan said...

Your work is always such a pleasure to see. I love the way the tree waves a little in the wind. I can hardly wait to see the butterfly in place! Both the hearts are just wonderful - lucky recipients!