Friday, May 15, 2009

Under the sea..........

Maybe you have seen the blocks I received in the DYB (Do Your Block Round Robin) already. The last weeks I have been busy with embellishing my own block and sewing the 6 blocs together. Since there is no "sea bottom", I just embroidered over the other blocks also to get them more together and added some fishes and shelfs. Here you can see a close up of the block I embellished and the blocks all sewn together.
I once again like to thank Maureen, Margreet, Hideko, Helina and Ati for their lovely work. Please click on the pictures to view them bigger!
I am now going to work on the bor
der and hope to get the quilt finished soon!


Ati said...

Wilma, they look beautiful together!! You did a great job stitching some plants over the seams!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Very beautiful Wilma!

Lorenza said...

Very beautiful, I have to finish mine too.

Margreet said...

This becomes very nice.
Good to see them all together.

MOMENTS Designs said...

WOW, Wilma....the quilt is beautiful !!
Fabulous job!!!