Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Halloween block is back home!

All ladies did a wonderful job!
Donna started first on the upper left corner. I love the button with the witch flying across the moon, one witch hasn't left the ground yet, her hat and broom are ready!

Sandra was the next to work on it. She added the spooky silver tree, the golden full moon, purple fence and the beaded witch with the red and white stockings!

Renée made the tombstone in SRE with the spiders. She also made the wavy fence in buttonhole stitch with French knots and the beautiful orange beaded seam.
Also she did the cats face and the "Beware, black cats" message.

And last but not least, my dear friend Beth made
a beautiful 3D spider and web and made the center pumpkin into an embroidered applique. She also embroidered the little ants and added the flower garden under the gosts.

Ladies, thank you all for your lovely work, you can't imagine how happy you made me! 
I have already started to make the border in different black fabrics, will of course show you a picture when it is finished!


Anonymous said...

Love the block and the beaded tree...perfect for Halloween. Spiders are good too...give me shivers!! Carol in Clermont

Susan Elliott said...

I LOVE this block too Wilma! It's a feast for spooky eyes!